Chiropractic Adjustments: This is a gentle technique performed to remove the
interference from the impinging nerves.  In our office this is performed either by the
Diversified Method (hands-on), Activator, blocks or drop method. Each method is
determined by a patients health level and/or comfort level.
Electric Muscle Stimulation: is a form of therapy to decrease inflammation, edema,
muscle spasm and/or pain.  Do not confuse EMS with a T.E.N.S unit which is used for
pain control only.  
Ultrasound Therapy:  This is a form of deep heat therapy used in our office to break
down scar tissue.  Which in turn will allow your body to regenerate new and stronger
tissue in the same striations as the muscle fibers.  This allows your muscles to move to
the rehabilitation (strengthening) stage of treatment.
Hot / Cold Therapy: is used to control pain, inflammation, muscle spasm.
Paraffin Bath: is a form of deep heat therapy for the hands.  This is performed by
dipping your hand/wrist in warm wax and allowing the heat to relax the tendons,
ligaments, and muscles in you hands and wrists.  
Thumper: is a mechanical massager used to relax the muscles and feel good.
Massage Therapy: is performed to eliminate muscle spasms, address muscle atrophy,
trigger points, and eliminate toxins.
Ion Detoxification Therapy: is a warm foot bath.  This is another avenue which to
remove toxins from every organ in your body.  An array is places in the water and
produces + & - ions.  These ions in turn expel toxins from your whole body.  The water
will turn colors corresponding to the organ which is detoxing the most.  
  1. Promotes metabolism, enhance autoimmunity, imporve anit-disease ability,
    release us from sub-health status and recuperates the body from disease to
    young blood;
  2. Deep health care from inside to outside;
  3. Reduce blood sugar, regulate blood fat and blood pressure, release symptoms
    such as gout, rheumatism, arthritis and traumatic injury, as well as enhance
The ionic spa is not FDA approved and does not provide diagnosis, prognosis or prescribe remedies for the treatment
or prevention of any illness or disease.
Nutritional: Chances are highly likely if you are in pain, every aspect of your life has been suffering too.  By
this I mean, how well are you eating? Taking supplements? Have arthritis...are you adding glucosamines to
your daily supplement intake?  How about your Calcium & Magnesium ratio? We are over 5000 miles high, this
does affect your bone density!  Osteopenia (Osteoporosis) affects women and men!
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Epley Maneuver: This is a very specific treatment for dizziness and vertigo.  Developed by Dr. Epley a medical
ear surgeon.