June 26, 2006
When I first saw Dr. Davies I was in LOTS of pain.  My
neuropathy was crippling me, and I was completely
dependent on my walker.  The sciatica in my hips was
very painful and sore. My hands were not able to
straighten out, they stayed in a fist form most of the time
which made writing almost impossible.  I had been in
this constant pain for 3 years.  For 10 years I have been
suffering with the neuropathy.  The medical doctors I was
said that it was a progressing disease that would not get
better, only worse.  The medical doctors put me on many
medications and pain killers to deal with the constant
discomfort.  In Dr. Davies office, I was treated
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! Dr. Davies is the biggest
help anyone could ever have.  I liked that they got to the
bottom of the problem right away. She took x-rays first
thing, examined them, and got to work right away on the
problems I was having.  My one complaint were those
heat packs I had to use at first...I LOVED it when we
progressed to the ICE PACKS!!!   
My results have been great here at NCC.  I can walk now
WITHOUT my walker, I can bend side to side with no
pain!  Th 4 degree curvature in my spine is straight now,
and the bumps in the back of my neck are gone! I'm in
I absolutely recommend North Colorado Clinic of
Chiropractic to everyone!
I give NCCC permission to use this information in
informing others.
Sandy P.
(Age: a tender 60+, Church Administrator)
April 5, 2006
When I first came to Dr. Davies my
spine hurt.  I hurt for a very long time
until I started coming here. (
We just came in for a routine
check-up and found Nick had a
curvature in his spine.  
I had x-ray
vision, thump thump and popping my
bad guys.  I like thumper the best.  
When Dr. Davies does my neck, I
wiggle my toes so it helps.  She
popped the bads guys out of my
(Mom) We have seen the
great improvements in Nick's
re-examinations and on the x-rays.  
He now has a straight spine!
I will tell others about Dr. Davies
cause if they needed their spine
fixed, she would fix it.  Dr Davies and
her staff are nice.  
(Mom) We are very
happy with our treatment and results
I give NCCC permission to use this
information in informing others.
Nick G.
(Age: 5 & Mom: Courtney)
April 3, 2006
I first came in to see Dr. Davies
because my lower back was
hurting sooo bad.  I was having to
use my cane to walk, and couldn't
sleep without taking my
prescibed sleeping pills.  I had
been having pain for the past 6
months or more.  I had seen my
Medical Doctor, but had found no
relief from the pain.
I enjoy every part of coming to
NCC, I am treated great by the
staff, and am excited about the
results I've seen in my back since
starting care.  I no longer need to
take my sleeping pills.  I can walk
much better and feel like I can
stand up taller now.  I am anxious
to get back to my regular routine
around the house.  
I would definitely recommend
others to come see Dr. Davies.  I
give NCCC permission to use
this information in informing
Elizabeth G.    
(Age: Tenderly 60+, Retired)
March 27, 2006
When I first came to Dr. Davies I had lower
back pain and a chronic cough.  This back
pain was part of my life and had gone on
for years.  The chronic cough had been a
problem for the previous three and a half
Since starting my treatment plan,  I have
noticed a significant increase in movement
of my neck, a significant decrease in my
lower back pain, and my chronic cough has
gone away all together.  I am already
enjoying relief of long term pain and
Dr. Davies and her staff are very
professional.  I think Dr. Davies is very
knowledgeable.  She has helped me
considerably and I would recommend her
to anyone!
I give NCCC permission to use this
information to inform others.
Dean H. ,
(Age: 30's, Electrician & Recovered Bull
February 17, 2006
I had severe long lasting headaches and
soreness in my back (everyday).  This pain was
a part of my like and had gone on for years.  
Previously, I'd seen my  Mom's chiropractor for a
short 3 weeks.  They were too expensive.  At  
NCCC, the payment plan makes it affordable for
me to get a healthy body back.
Since starting my treatment plan,  I have one
headache a week, maybe (or every other
week)!  Much, much, much less pain. Higher
energy and I'm not as grumpy!
Dr. Davies and her staff are wonderful.  I
appreciate their acknowledgement of me as an
individual.  The treatments are working!  Ice
massage, I must say is my least favorite.  I have
been treated with individual personal care,
friendly atmosphere  and you see the results
and progress.  I highly recommend Dr. Davies
to others and will continue to do so.
I give NCCC permission to use this information
to inform others.
Thank you,
Courtney G.
(Age 20's, Day Care Provider, Mom, Gymnastics
March 21, 2005
I was suffering with low back pain
for about 10+ years when I first
came to see Dr. Davies. I have been
through physical therapy,
chiropractic, and massage therapy.
The staff treated me excellent.  The
thing I liked most about my care was
the patient orientation class.  I
thought it was very educational.  
Since I have been on my prescribed
treatment plan,  my pain is less
frequent.  I would highly recommend
the doctor at NCCC to anyone.
Kristie R.
(Age 30's, Mom, Bookeeper,
Premier Designs Jewelry rep, MOPs)
April 26, 2005
I came to a Patient Orientation Class
with my wife, who is currently getting
chiropractic care.  I was a little skeptical
at first.
After seeing all the wonderful progress
my wife has been making, I thought I
should probably see what the doctor
could do for my stiff neck and
occasional headaches.  Since I have
been sticking with my care plan, I have
been feeling relief of chronic muscle
tension and less frequent headaches.
The staff was courteous and the prompt
service was great.  I really liked the
electrical stimulation-" The Miracle
Machine".  I would recommend Doctor
Davies at NCCC without hesitation.
Brent R.
(Age 30's,)
July 26, 2005
I came to see Dr. Davies because my
sister jumped on my back and I have
been hurting ever since.  She took my
x-rays and I got to see my insides.  Then
she got rid of my bad guys.
I used to have a hard time going to the
bathroom.  Now I don't need any of
Grandma's apple cider to help me go.
I like going to the chiropractor. She
makes me feel good!
I give NCCC permission  to use this
information in informing others.
Andraya G.
( Age 5)

These are just a few of the stories we have to share.
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March 2008
When I first saw Dr. Davies, I had lower back pain that
would come and go, but it could get very intense at times.  
I had numbness in my left leg that was happening more
often.  My right shoulder felt as though it “locked up, which
was pretty painful.  I have suffered from mild aches and
pains for a long time but since August with INTENSE
pain.  I have been doing yoga which helps my condition
out a lot and I have taken aspirin in the past to ease the
pain.  As a result of getting care at North Colorado Clinic,
my left leg numbness and right shoulder soreness has
all improved.  My nerves, pain, energy and general
strength have also improved.  I classify my care as
M. Cline
April 2008
When I first saw Dr. Davies, I could
hardly walk into the office. The pain
in my back and knee was a 12 on
a scale of 1-10….I was in tears. I
had been suffering from knee pain
for 6 years despite 3 knee
surgeries.  As a result of visiting
Dr. Davies, my pain has
decreased to a 5-6 in both my back
and my knee.  The feeling of relief
in only a few visits was amazing! I
was very pleased with the detailed
explanation of my problem and the
fast relief from pain. I immediately
felt the caring atmosphere and
professionalism as I walked into
NCCC. This is a GREAT place!!
D. Angus
February 2007
I came to see Dr. Davies because
I was having PAIN, SPASMS, and
TINGLING in the right side of my
neck and shoulder area that
continued down to my finger tips.  
These problems originated when
I was younger from a gymnastics
and diving accident. I get
massages regularly to ease the
pain, but the pain continued to get
worse.  The massage definitely
helped, but did not solve the
problem.  When I finally came in to
see Dr. Davies the pain in my
neck on a scale of 1 to 10, was a
6 and down my arms a 4. Since
starting my treatments at North
Colorado Clinic of Chiropractic, I
am 90% PAIN FREE!  I’m still
keeping with the schedule Dr.
Davies has determined is best for
me. Dr. Davies does a wonderful
job.  She is caring and concerned
about your individual needs.  She
is willing to listen and take action
to any need you have at each visit.
S. Ball
May 2010
I was referred to Dr. had
been coming to her and
had GREAT results!  I was
having constant low back
pain for weeks and neck
pain for years. I am getting
great results. My issues
are becoming less
frequent.  I am still
MB Cowie
June 2010
I had previously been here 2 years ago
but had to take a different route for
awhile.  Now I had been
expereinceinglower back pain along
with discomfort in my right arm-bicep
area that was numb and tingling.  This
had been going on for 2 months. I feel
100% better!  In my general health
pictures from nerves, pain and energy
have all IMPROVED!  I classify my
treatment and care as EXCELLENT!  
The staff treated me very good and they
are all very immediate and thorogh with
my care.
B Hartrampf
    I had experienced lower back and neck
pain, which had been happening more
frequently with every year that went by. It was
frightening that at age 62 I would have to give
up several sports I enjoyed, much of my
career and the ability to do my own extensive
yard work.
   Dr. Davies did something that no surgeon
could have done, restore the health of my
neck and back without expensive surgery,
which could have led to more pain and came
with no guarantees. A person with skeletal
and spine issues would be a complete fool
going to a surgeon stopping at her office to
see what she could do for them.
Lance Rieker, May 8, 2012
   I came to Dr. Davies because I was
suffering with extreme hip and leg pain. It had
become nearly impossible to walk. I used
hiking poles to walk. I could not bend over or
squat down.
   X-rays revealed that I had severely
degenerated hips with little to no cartilage.
Dr. Davies began giving me regular
adjustments and moist heat treatments. We
both knew I needed total hip replacement,
but I did not have the resources for the
surgery. For over a year, the regular
chiropractic care kept me functional. Finally,
the opportunity came to receive hip
replacements. The orthopedic doctor was
amazed that my back was not also severely
degenerated from the way I had been
compensating with my hips. Now, I am
preparing for my second hip replacement -
and the orthopedic doctor says I will be back
to where I was before the hip problems
started. My spine is healthy and I am so
happy to move normally again.
Leanne Gibson, May 8, 2012
in major pain. I had suffered a few months,
taking pain medication and trying
acupuncture beforehand. The results have
been great, it's taken all of my pain away.
   The thing I like most is I'm treated like
Cassie Wierman, May 8, 2012
   I am able to sit in the floor with my kids.
The thing I like the best about coming here
is: 1) I know someone is listening to me and
2) truly cares where it hurts and telling me
and showing me exercises to keep good
range of motion going. Love you guys!
Susan Talley, May 8, 2012
When I first came to Dr. Davies, I had
sacroiliac pain across my low back and
down my leg following incidents in house
cleaning and gardening. I had tried pain pills
and ice packs.
I have been treated WONDERFULLY by the
staff - they are very positive people!!
My favorite part of care is the carefulness and
gentle touch of Dr. Davies plus her
I always have a successful outcome here at
NCCC and I HIGHLY endorse Dr. Davies!
Joan S. May 11, 2012
I first came to Dr. Davies for ribs that came
out of place from doing the Insanity workout
program and poor posture at work. These
symptoms have come and gone for the past
3 years.  I knew chiropractic therapy was
successful. I have been lucky enough to have
found a wonderful chiropractor in Dr. Davies.
My back has felt great since seeing her.
Breann is always a delight to see when I
come in for my appointments.
Jennifer D. May 8, 2012
I've had stiff and sore neck as long
as I can remember,. I have tried
other chiropractors, but usually not
consistently. Dr. Davies' intense
program quickly removed the neck
pain and stiffness and got me
"straightened out"! Now I come in
for a tune-up - can tell when I need
an adjustment, and feel taller and
more energetic immediately
afterwards. I love the cheerful,
caring atmosphere in the office!
Thank you!!
Edie Bell, May 8, 2012
I suffered - past tense - with chronic pain my
whole life. Then I discovered chiropractic
care at age 30 and avoided a cervical fusion.
Then at age 56 was injured in a car accident
and did the insurance-approved plan with
medical treatment, physical therapy, and a lot
of tests. For 10 months I could not walk
without someone or something to hold on to
due to balance problems and the pain
interfered with my sleep. I was a mess.
WELL I decided to try chiropractic again with
a new Doctor. After 3 appointments with Dr.
Davies over a week and a half, I could walk
again with good balance and the pain was
less. I then used her ongoing plan for several
months and met my pain free goals and my
health was restored. Currently I come in
monthly - give or take - and am reassured
that my health is being maintained.
Susan Lake. May 8, 2012
I suffered for years and tried other treatments
that did not work. When I arrived at Dr.
Davies, I was desperate for relief. Within
weeks I was pain free. I am a Deputy Sheriff
with Boulder County so my job is very
physically demanding. With Dr. Davies help I
am able to do my job and all the fun activities
I enjoy.
Thank you Dr. Davies!
Linda Starr. May 8, 2012
I've been coming to Dr. Davies for 3-4 years. I
was in really bad shape when I first came in
but now my lower back is doing quite well.
This is always a very pleasant place to come
to. Currently I come in once a month to keep
me in line (my spine if not my attitude).
Gene Burrack, May 8, 2012